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They look

They same as we, simply their eyes are open more widely.Windows of their souls are washed purely up, and curtains are always drawn aside they see the world such what it is instead of with what we drew it.And these kids came to approve such vision of the world.They look at adults and ask Why you do not see what we see After all everything is absolutely clear.And this question gives us great possibility possibility to open an eye and to see that is.From this point everything will change in the beginning in our life, and then around the world.

It was necessary

The majority of badly advanced children of with whom I had to communicate, did not complain of poor mind or weak memory.Simply they were overflowed by a stream of an ekstrasensorny broadcasting from schoolmates, teachers and relatives.As a result it was not possible to them to concentrate on a task of the teacher.It was necessary to them to learn to be earthed to delete superfluous energy, to distinguish own thoughts and feelings from strangers and accurately to define the spiritual space as progress sharply increased.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON I in the childhood of it did not know and consequently in elementary grades studied worse than ever.

We will

All these details can be beaten.We will go also on a visit to a heron, updown, updown, rightleft, rightleft, darkly, we will switch on light and let's call in a hand bell.Crossing two fingers of the right hand, we walk on steps, the left hand we include on a ladder an electricity.In the house of a crane a table with an entertainment, the coil with water and, at last, crane on a bed with three pillows under the head.At a headboard a candle, on chair clothes, long legs are not located on a bed and stick out from under blankets.Here it is not required any special explanations, everything recognizabl.

We went to kindergarten. There

In hard

Call the doctor.If the animal bit the kid, call the doctor.The child can need introduction of antitetanic serum.Deep lacerations demand surgical processing.The saliva and a mouth of an animal contain a large quantity of pathogenic bacteria.Therefore stings of animals badly begin to live.In hard cases carrying out a course of antibacterial therapy is necessary.In more mild cases there can be enough application of the gel containing an antibacterial preparation.Very important after a sting to establish the owner of an animal and to find out, when to an animal carried out vaccination against rage and what other inoculations were made.

And they

These are basic provisions of integrated society.I think that chelovethe chestvo will understand them.– whether there is a sense to use in children's group the practices which are available in materialistic psychology – At the heart of our approach to the world, naturally, the materialistic psychology lies.Only we do not take its canons as something immutable and svyashchenaching.And when we start to be engaged in integrated education in our groups, we see that we have the new laws, the new communications, new rules.And they too change, for us change.Studying them, we start to develop gradually the new charter of behavior of the person in integrated society, after all we in it appeared necessarily and we do not know its laws, rules.

DictionaryKomissura. According

Now Sarkis

With what incredible efforts we extracted each sound! And the most sad was that extracted with such work and as if well acquired could one fine day to disappear goodness knows where and all it was necessary to make a fresh start.Now Sarkis not simply looks in the book, listening to my explanations and driving finger according to the picture.He sees such details, which I and itself sometimes I do not notice.The fox on the picture sits so that the foot of her paw is turned to to the viewer.Palm! Sarkis speaks, having caught similarity of a foot and a palm.

Praise the child

React quickly.When the child does unlawful, immediately and strictly tell to it No.If the child repeats again action, once again forbid an act and withdraw it in other place.Praise the child for good behavior.In case constantly to direct attention of the kid to negative actions, he will repeat purposely them for attraction of your attention.Try to form a positive spirit in behavior of the kid.Creating the favorable atmosphere of the house, you reduce desire of the child to be in opposition.nd WEEK Freezing injuries What is such.

To deserve

The child will inevitably address for the helpto the adult, having naturally recognizedits intellectual and physical superiority.Suchthe natural trust to seniors is the bestreplacement of passive obedience and fear before force.To deserve trust of the child, it is important from the firstindependent steps to inspire it one simpletruth You are free! Do how you consider nuzhInstead of the conclusion ny.I trust you.Only having felt the ownfreedom and independence, the child will learn to appreciateand to recognize freedom of people around.Certainly, it does not abolish possibility accuratelyto follow installations of these or those classicaltechniques of education which today it is enoughit is a lot of to choose the optimum.


However, the new approach at all did not lower the debatableheat concerning efficiency of the similareducational systems.The matter is that there is a settechniques of early development of the child and all of themthe very different.Authors of one assure that trainingreading can begin with the birth, others callnot to hurry up before receipt in school.Someoneconsiders priority physical development, who that intellectual or emotional.Exceptthat, some sceptics express opinion thatit simply a fashion and coercion to excessive expensesthose parents who wish to give to the childgood education and worthy start in the future.

It is known

It is known that not only children, but also teenagers, adults can change the sound on imitation structure of words towels instead of a towel, instead of a jacket, instead of grew thin, etc.; it is wrong to put accents in words understood instead of understood, let's phone instead of we will phone, etc.; to confuse similar words on sounding for example, genealogy and gynecology, autism and atheism and so forth; to use the wrong forms words instead of go to live instead of to put etc.However adults can treat consciously the speech and correct mistakes.At kids assimilation of speech standards occurs spontaneously, unconsciously, therefore there is a danger of assimilation of the wrong option of speech, which with by time it is fixed.

When egoism

Let's call it spiritual.It is the mankind future in which everything being at terrestrial level, is basis for that superstructure which we should create.When egoism will grow to the maximum level and we completely realize it, we will move the thoughts and feelings in this superstructure and in general we will cease to feel our existence at terrestrial level.It buis put to vanish as though from our feelings.Mine I will exist only in a spiritual superstructure, and only I will associate myself with this layer.INTEGRATED PERCEPTION of INFORMATION The person – Wednesday Superproperty of collective Not herd instinct, and new body of perception Individualistic feelings are distorted The world – interface of contrasts In total in us, outside there is nothing A world picture – a mirror of personal imperfection I and the others we turn in We In the correct society punishments are not necessary How to cure a mass depression Sanctity model A joke – paradoxical manifestation of integration we speak about perception of reality, I not so understand, about what there is a speech, there are many questions.

We itwe solve

It is easy to distract attentionthe naive child to deceive, conceal from it.He thinks that life is simple and easy.There is a father, ismother; the father earns, mother buys.The child does not knowneither changes to a duty, nor receptions of fight of adults for theand not the.Free from material cares, from temptations and fromstrong shocks, he cannot judge them.We itwe solve instantly, we pierce through negligentlook, without preliminary investigation we open not uklyuzhy cunnings.And perhaps, we are deceived, seeing in the child onlywhat we want to seePerhaps, he hides from us, perhaps secretlysuffersWe devastate mountains, we cut down trees, we exterminatewild animals.

Sitting a nadivanchik

Their flight cancelled, and they had to spend days in our city.They wanted to come to us and to hand over a gift which bought for us on Hawaii.Sitting a nadivanchik in a drawing room, we with the husband unpacked a small bag.Kaye and Tom looked at us waiting for reaction.At last Brian developed the last leaf of packing paper, and it in hands had a beautiful crystal figure with a delfinenok.During rest on Hawaii we often swam side by side with dolphins.For some reason during these moments we remembered you explained Kaye.

Also started

The majority of people prefer to explain instead of feelin hearin seeing and comprehending.I sincerely wanted to help to recover to people physically and sincerely, but many simply were afraid and preferred to hide from the pain.And with it they were helped by rational justifications of problems.So, I learned to argue rationally.Also started to meet expectations of people around.If before I was reputed as the sensitive and tender guy, but at the same time the clumsy and rather stupid blunderer, now turned into the accurate and cold and judicious pupil.

The child should

To create sacred space for such communication, simply sincerely allow the child to impart experience without risk to be to the subjected condemnation, criticism or sneers.The child should have any shelter where nobody denies reality of its ekstrasensorny experiences.Malyshdolzhen to feel, chtoky to stories are respectful and vividly in them are interested.Certainly, it would be useful, if you could assure the kid that you or your acquaintances too endured something similar.And if you are sincerely sure that ekstrasensorny feelings are normal and natural, it promotes creation of the favorable environment for development of potential of the child even more.

Let's experiment

But newborns cannotto behave whimsically, they simply contactin the unique way for them.Child,which crying do not notice, it is not becomes betterthough it can be silent; it loses desireto show an initiative and gets used to whatyou would not like at all reconciles to that itdo not understand.It is easy to person to advise to the stranger not to turnattention to the crying child.If onlysuch adviser does not possess hypersensibility,his own health will not suffer.Let's experiment a little.Crying of the kid literally irritates.Ifto a breast of feeding mother to attach sensors forbloodgroove measurements, we will see the following began to crythe kid and a bloodgroove in a breast of mother amplified, itTechnique of house education of William and Martha Serz feels insuperable desire to take the child onhands and to calm him.

The illness

Enterovirusny infection What is such.The Enterovirusny infection is caused by two types of viruses Koksaki and ECHO.This vysokokontagiozny disease, AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK being transferred an airborne, faecal and oral and transplacentary way MATURED.Koksaka's distributors and ECHO viruses are sick people and virus carriers.The illness proceeds with varying severity and a localization form.At an enterovirusny infection there can be a meningitis, quinsy, muscle pain, fever, an inflammation of a cardiac muscle, intestines defeat.

Much it already

That is we gradually come to time acceleration, to reduction of space and to transfer of from feeling of the world of the physical world in feeling virtual.It – at the nature to association.Rejection between us is not simple to overcome an appeal, and to lift us on other level of feeling of life.Much it already starts to seem such.We see, how the youth lasts in this world, she wishes to enter into it.Creation new, unitingInternet – Children are already ready to it, and here parents are frightened of new realities.

Red, yellow, orange

Game course The teacher spreads leaflets on a table, reminds children about autumn.Present that now autumn.Red, yellow, orange leaves fall from trees.The wind blew scattered all leaves on the ground! Let's make wind we will blow on leaves! The adult together with children blows on leaves while all leaflets will not appear on to floor.Thus it is necessary to watch correctness of implementation oral exhalation, and also behind that children did not overtire.All leaves on the earth.Let's collect leaflets in a bucket.

Zaytsev's grants

Haresin an available form tells, fractions from where undertookand degree also that can do with them.This techniqueit is calculated on children of years, but it it is also possibleto use and for pupils of elementary school.Zaytsev's grants suit all children fastand slow, weak and strong.In thekindergartens of Hares prefers to take in groupthe weakest children, and they very quickly catch upmain stream.In it, in principle, also should consistessence of all developing techniques.

It will help

Now, when the main contents is known to it, it is possible to enter gradually the passed episodes, paying attention of the kid to all new and new details.What fine house! New roof! New pipe! Around flowers! And what it was earlier and you come back by the beginning and compare two pictures.It is necessary to compare constantly.It will help the child to establish connection between separate episodes.For your child the dirty girl, rolling on the broken bed in a shabby izba at the beginning of a narration, and the accurate small hostess put things in order and living in the cozy lodge at the end of the fairy tale it is two absolutely different girls.

He started

The kid starts to look for the fallen subject or the toy hidden under a blanket.Speech development.That I hear that I tell To the surprise, you began to notice that the child ceased to say strange sounds.He started to say syllables.The child repeats that hears round itself.If you regularly talk to the child not only on native, but also in a foreign language, he will start to repeat and syllables of foreign words.The kid becomes dexterous The child with ease copes with two subjects.It dexterously shifts them from a hand in a hand, puts in the place necessary to it.It uses hands for manipulations with subjects or toys.

Knowing color

Those who sees aura, know that there is the color beam sent directly to the top of the person.This beam connects the highest I with a physical body.Knowing color of a beam of the child, it is possible to help for it to concentrate.For this purpose the child can try to imagine the magic color and to surround itself mentally it with an aura, to wear clothes of this color, to include a color lamp in a room, to put on color points, to write ink of this color or to read through a color plastic optical filter.Quite often this color is favourite color of the child.

However it should

In threefour years at the kid actively developimagination and ability to imagination.It is not necessary to abuse it for lie even if hearobviously invented stories.However it should notto occur constantly if the child all the timespeaks about the invented friends and adventures,it is occasion to prick up the ears probably, in realityit just also has society of other children.For the same reason it is not necessary to tell infinitelyto it magic fairy tales on the surprising countries the kid should not consider the life dimand to feel constant desire to stay in the illusoryworld.

But only the one who looks

And I sincerely wish, that thisthe purpose was reached.Daman about the bookAfter three already latepossibilities to make his life happy and highgrade.Ibuka considers that the main thing introduction newexperience in time.But only the one who looks after the childday by day and usually it is mother, canto seize this opportunity Mothers should rely moreon itself and to be more consecutivein an educational system choice.Selfconfidence,backbone are very important for educationchild.Therefore it is necessary to develop the ownapproach to education, free from the fashionablecurrents, stamps and the facilitated methods.

Function of a milk

Function of a milk teeth is not limited to chewing.DEVELOPMENT STAGESth WEEKPhysical development surely costs, has one foot before another Sense organs and reflexes can scrape on a toy one finger Intellectual development understands simple instructions negatively swings the head if it is not agrees with something studies a subject from all directions, feels tridimentionality of space Social development I do not like to be in limited space WEEKPhysical development independently rises, catching at support subjects freely sits in a stoolSense organs and reflexes taking big subjects, both hands use a beret in each hand in a subject also Intellectual development manipulates them can remember game in which played previous days learns the nameSocial development wants to play near parents repeats games protests, if select any subject independently eats some types of foodI WEEKPhysical development creeps, holding in one hand a subject turns the head during crawling Sense organs and reflexes knocks before itself subjectsIntellectual development removes the suspended subjectsSocial development chooses the pleasant toy simulates sounds, such, as cough and a sneezing drinks from a cup and plays itI WEEKPhysical development holding hands a support, can make some steps can go, if the adult holds Sense organs and reflexes by hands takes small subjects by means of big and index fingers Intellectual development at repetition of the same action starts to miss has idea of vertical space Social development starts to estimate mood of surrounding people I WEEKPhysical development clambers, rises up can creep up on a ladderSense organs and reflexes clapsIntellectual development can carry out the elementary instructions starts to be afraid of heightSocial development learns to stand for itself draws attention of people around, repeats actions which caused approval or laughter I HEflETlflage of the child AS THE CHILD MATUREDFOR the th WEEKMass of a body of the child of kg of length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIESFOR ITSafety of the child during holidays Christmas, Hanukkah or New year this remarkable time of opening and magic expectation for you and the kid.

Since childhood

Since childhood questions start to torment the person Where to go What profession to choose Than to be engaged in life Than I smo to fill myself The youth looks at the people who are considered in society preas the in time – for example, doctors, accountants, workershitech, architects, – also sees that their working day, as a rule, begins with mornin and comes to an end it is not known when.Young people do not want to work very much, do not want to pursue standards of success which were thought up to itself by the world of adults.

Time came

Love Love this magic presence, the uniform purpose where all ways meet.All of us are interconnected.Each of us is in own way unique, but all of us are compound parts of the new world which we create together.Time came to enter to the public Love.Time came to be those who we are is actually.Connecting hearts as emissaries of love, we will finish this cycle in life of our fine planet, approaching the beginning of the new world, the pleasure world.Nasata La is youn it the little of more than twenty, and she perfectly remembers, what it to be the child psychic.

The teacher

Interdependence between the parent and the child,interpenetration of their lives, penetrationthe child in consciousness of parents, their feeling and function the child instinctively studies all this and repeats.MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONSuzuki believed that hearing should become everydayhabit.However to force the child to listenmusic does not follow, it should do it, beingit is occupied with something another.The teacher warned thatchildren are not tired of music hearing as it is characteristicfor adults.The small child likes to listenfamiliar sounds, and if he hears grumbleparents concerning the bothered music, his enthusiasmcan run low.

The nature

As a result boys consider that their superiority can be defended in a bed with girls.They start to compete in size of a genital and quantity of times of an ejaculation.The nature so suited a man's organism when to the man is what to transfer to the children, he is ready to highgrade paternity.In other words, if the man already achieved something in realization and feels rather competent and able to adjust the main spheres of life support of a family, it becomes capable to paternity.It shows such qualities, as responsibility, feeling of guardianship and support.

To be parents

To be parents all the time means to studythem to be.U.IM.Serzmuch and young mothers read them to not all.It is easy to fill this gap if to awakenat parents desire to follow reasonable councils,which for certain will benefit also to adults,and to children.Practice for the giftedPavel TyulenevWhether your child will be talentedalso it is clever, depends on that, correctlywhether you chose a bed, diapers,rattles and other everything thatwill be round the baby during the period fromAbout till years, what toys till yearsyou will give it.

When within

When within three Vanya starts to put and read quickly the eaten pears, and also cones and chestnuts which it felt with the stuck eyes, I set to it a task In the wood grew three birches, one of them cut.How many birches remained In its representation, apparently, there is a picturesque picture of the wood, birches how many time we saw all this on slides! He imagines woodcutters, axes and saws and, being not in condition to concentrate the attention on quantity of birches and on need of work of arithmetic action, answers me that birches there was that five, three, one.

Next day leave

Again start to talk to the kid.Do not remain in a room it is long.Stay with the child no more than two minutes.If crying proceeds, do a minute interval between entries into a room until the kid will not fall asleep.Next day leave the kid to cry for minutes, before entering into his room for the first time.AS the CHILD FOR the rd WEEK MATURED.Gradually increase time of the stay out of a room.We understand, what is complex challenge to leave the kid to cry within minutes in the first night.Try to think that schooling of the child to an independent zasypaniye considerably will facilitate further your life.

But let your

And if it has to most empty a broom pencils from under a sofa, that, having done it several times, it will cease to push them there to what to test such tortures What it, enemy to itself We should demand resolutely sometimes from the child discipline and diligence, it is possible even to shout at it.Sometimes it and in the business needs some shakeup which would deduce it from catalepsy, forced to start, gather.But let your flash will be only well played performance.Do not afford, having lost patience, to bring down on the kid irritation from the own powerlessness.

People of this

If human life is in disharmony, the owner of yellow aura becomesskeptical and critical, stubborn, the egoist, the cynic, shows inability to supervise the feelings, ignorance, intolerance, laziness, grief.Green auraPreferenceFans of the dark green are stubborn and persevering.In a combination to gold is a color of bankers.People of this color create all earthly blessings, provide to itself material stability, they are solid, respectable.Love rest and the nature.They are reserved.Persistence their time suppresses energy of others and very often leads to a split personality of those people who communicates with them.

Any rebuses

Rummage on book bazaars at bibliopoles it is possible to find the old editions illustrated quite in realistic spirit.Any rebuses artists with pleasure drew simple and clear things cat so cat, mouse so mouse.B.Zakhoder, I.Pivovarova's verses, books V.Suteeva, well and, of course, Muchatsokotukha, Barmaley and Moydodyr will add your library and soon enough it will be necessary for you.From the first steps of work on the book you should involve the child to active participation in it.


Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON Certainly, between playing there are also misunderstandin but they mainly have informative character.Different level of knowledge and ideas of duties, actions and acts of characters gives rise sometimes to disputes.Aspiration someone from playing to show the big awareness in any question causes objections and even offenses So does not happen, And I know in a different way.The reason of misunderstanding can be and distinction in characters, temperaments of children one too sluggish, another, on the contrary, very hasty, one irresolute, another courageous.

Between episodes

The disease twice arises at boys, than at girls more often.Symptoms of an invaginatsiya of intestines following unexpectedly arisen sharp bellyaches; knees of the child are pressed to a thorax;AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED the child shouts from pain; vomiting; block; a chair in the form of crimson jelly the blood mixed with slime; stomach muscles are strained; in the top right department of a stomach it is possible to probe consolidation of an oblong form.Between episodes of sharp skhvatkoobrazny pain children feel sense of relief.Immediately call the doctor.

These games

Informal conversation will promote your rapprochement and further will help to solve the adult problems arising at the child.Great opportunities for esthetic development conceal in themselves games loved by children with sand and other natural materials.These games can become means of moral education of children, their unity for performance of the general plan constructions of the house, the tunnel, the road.The role of the adult consists in helping children to do constructions stron beautiful to encourage commitment of efforts.From to years At this age the majority of children already visit kindergarten and prepare for the school period.

For example, while

Tyulenev offered system of recommendations and exercisesfor development of the child from the earliest age, MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONliterally since the birth.For example, while kid stilldid not learn to move and even to operate with hands,over its bed place cards with protozoafigures.It also becomes at all for this purpose,to teach the child to geometry bases, simplyto examine patterns, pictures to the kid it is still difficultalso it is uninterestin but he with pleasure travelseyes on simple lines, learns to directlook to the necessary point and to pass from one elementimages to another.Thus, onTo Tyulenev, the brain actively works and begins graduallyto prepare for other, more difficult typesactivity.

I often should

However the child should feel always that space in which grows.In process of its growth and development it is space should increase gradually.So, right at the beginning it should be limited to a bed.Then room of parents.In other places he should feel that parents not at itselfhimself therefore cannot give it a free hand.I often should help the parents which children cannot find the space.Ordinary these parents allowed the child to take and destroy everything that he wanted.Hysterics only became frequent, and the nervous system of the kid became loose.

Any toy expands

If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist..Many boys with the great pleasure cook soup and lay on a table, and girls are engaged with machines and the designer.Any toy expands idea of the kid of the world surrounding it.How to cope with inconstancy All children need constancy.It is necessary to understand constancy of a daily routine, constancy of people which surround the child, constancy of a surrounding situation as it.All this allows the child to feel protected.Nevertheless the world which is out of house walls, it is impossible to lay in the habitual schedule.

There is no such

Still at those people which are compelled to carry constantly with itself the child, adhering it a scarf or attaching a skirt, it is considered reprehensible if the kid makes the affairs in the religature.Mothers listen and feel the kid therefore at the first signals land.That is hold on hands, helping it to pee or release intestines.There is no such washin as in our many families.The child always warns and even cries, demanding the help.Pampers are not the best invention of mankind.

Well right

Game course Before beginning game, it is necessary to specify representations children about that such sauerkraut as well as from what it prepare.Well right there to show to children sauerkraut, let's try.Who loves sauerkraut It very tasty and useful.Now we let's cook sauerkraut I will tell a rhyme and to show movements, and you repeat for me! We cut cabbage, we cut! hands are bent in elbows, a palm by shovel, movements before themselves up and down if left hand above, right below We salt cabbage, we salt! hands are bent in elbows directly before themselves, fingers bi index and average we collect in , we move with fingers, as if we salt We cabbage rub, we rub! hands before themselves, are bent in elbows, fingers we put in fist, we rub cams the friend about the friend We cabbage , ! hands before themselves, are bent in elbows, serially that we place fingers in the parties, we collect in a fist Here what we are good fellows prepared a kapustka! Flower Purpose development of imitation movements of hands of the adult; development understanding speeches.

If children

To remain the member of game collective equal in rights, it is necessary to be able to concede.If children willingly concede, refuse personal desires for the sake of the general interest, it testifies to positive influence of friendship on the identity of the child, on his behavior and acts.Ability to concede for the sake of association with companions and maintenance of game is not refusal of.Some parents, having incorrectly interpreted this situation, abuse the child that it did not give everything according to the first requirement to the younger brother or the sister.

And if all his life

But is not present, we with it are not agree.And we can overcome this evil.Let's give to the person satisfaction from his Day telnost, feeling of the filled life, then it will not be necessary for it otklyu.And if all his life consists of continuous sufferings or emptiness, it is impossible to blame him for bent for to drugs.I read speech of the Minister of Health of Russia in which it gocooks that within the next ten years to a half of the population of the country buis put to be in a depression, and today them already %.And this statement of the Minister of Health, also is figures which it discloses! And how many the unrecorded What to do with such population Such is situation around the world, and there are countries with even the worst an indicator .

Before you new possibilities

It would help you to learn everything that is necessary If you give more attention to, that the child, That it is necessary for it, Instead of explaining to him that is necessary for you, Then both of you receive everything that wish.Sounds very simply.But to make it it is more difficult.Before you new possibilities of selfrealization will invisibly open.At education chuvstvitelnykhdety you can face unexpected tasks.

Learned early

When it will catchapple, all cheerfully shout Water!Thus usual game turns into a game of tagin the new modern game promotingto intelligence development since , years.By the way, chemistry the most developing science, inexhaustible sourcechildish sports.It will help to fix the account, the diplomaand skills of drawing.Learned early to read kids from yearscan keep the diary.On it at them leaves near minutes in day therefore it is best of all for these purposesany unpretentious computer approaches.

In you, in me, in everything. And from

We in it – as a cancer

This little, insignificant man has a representation that it is urged to submit, change and break all nature as though knows, what barks, though each time finds itself absolutely ignorant, spoilin spoiling everything.there is at us such feeling.It is given us in order that we refused it and under the law otritsaa denial niya came to understanding of that only we are neintea gralny part of the nature.We in it – as a cancer tumor which eats itself and all organism.So we treat to each other and everything okruto the zhayushchy – to a uniform organism of the nature.

First, having

Be attentive when opening and closing doors.Children often place fingers under doors, hold jambs.During this moment it is possible to pinch not simply fingers of the child, but also strongly to injure them.When the child starts to rise independently, his hands intensively look for means of a support.Be attentive, clean subjects, having undertaken for which child can fall not simply, but also overturn them on itself.First, having risen to the feet, the kid cannot fall by a floor voluntarily.It very much afflicts kids.If the child it is long costs, he starts to cry because cannot independently fall.


Bad science, gloomyomen.The shape of the world changed.Any more force of muscles you works, force of muscles defends from the enemy, notpulls out at the earth, the woods and exhausting sovereignty, blagosostoyascientific research institute, safety.The enslaved slave the car! Musku forfeited the exclusive rights and the price.Thatbigger honor to mind and knowledge.closet, modest cell of the thinkerexpanded in halls of research institutes.Narawill melt floors of libraries, regiments bend under weight of books.Shrines of proud reason were filled with people.


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