The illness

The illness Enterovirusny infection What is such.

The Enterovirusny infection is caused by two types of viruses Koksaki and ECHO.

This vysokokontagiozny disease, AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK being transferred an airborne, faecal and oral and transplacentary way MATURED.

Koksaka's distributors and ECHO viruses are sick people and virus carriers.

The illness proceeds with varying severity and a localization form.

At an enterovirusny infection there can be a meningitis, quinsy, muscle pain, fever, an inflammation of a cardiac muscle, intestines defeat.

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Much it already

Much it already That is we gradually come to time acceleration, to reduction of space and to transfer of from feeling of the world of the physical world in feeling virtual.

It – at the nature to association.

Rejection between us is not simple to overcome an appeal, and to lift us on other level of feeling of life.

Much it already starts to seem such.

We see, how the youth lasts in this world, she wishes to enter into it.

Creation new, unitingInternet – Children are already ready to it, and here parents are frightened of new realities.

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Red, yellow, orange

Red, yellow, orange Game course The teacher spreads leaflets on a table, reminds children about autumn.

Present that now autumn.

Red, yellow, orange leaves fall from trees.

The wind blew scattered all leaves on the ground! Let's make wind we will blow on leaves! The adult together with children blows on leaves while all leaflets will not appear on to floor.

Thus it is necessary to watch correctness of implementation oral exhalation, and also behind that children did not overtire.

All leaves on the earth.

Let's collect leaflets in a bucket.

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  • We went to kindergarten. There
  • The illness
  • He started
  • We in it – as a cancer
  • We will
  • Since childhood
  • When egoism
  • They look
  • And if all his life
  • It was necessary