Let's experiment

Let's experiment But newborns cannotto behave whimsically, they simply contactin the unique way for them.

Child,which crying do not notice, it is not becomes betterthough it can be silent; it loses desireto show an initiative and gets used to whatyou would not like at all reconciles to that itdo not understand.

It is easy to person to advise to the stranger not to turnattention to the crying child.

If onlysuch adviser does not possess hypersensibility,his own health will not suffer.

Let's experiment a little.

Crying of the kid literally irritates.

Ifto a breast of feeding mother to attach sensors forbloodgroove measurements, we will see the following began to crythe kid and a bloodgroove in a breast of mother amplified, itTechnique of house education of William and Martha Serz feels insuperable desire to take the child onhands and to calm him.

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