Before you new possibilities

Before you new possibilities It would help you to learn everything that is necessary If you give more attention to, that the child, That it is necessary for it, Instead of explaining to him that is necessary for you, Then both of you receive everything that wish.

Sounds very simply.

But to make it it is more difficult.

Before you new possibilities of selfrealization will invisibly open.

At education chuvstvitelnykhdety you can face unexpected tasks.

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Learned early

Learned early When it will catchapple, all cheerfully shout Water!Thus usual game turns into a game of tagin the new modern game promotingto intelligence development since , years.

By the way, chemistry the most developing science, inexhaustible sourcechildish sports.

It will help to fix the account, the diplomaand skills of drawing.

Learned early to read kids from yearscan keep the diary.

On it at them leaves near minutes in day therefore it is best of all for these purposesany unpretentious computer approaches.

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In you, in me, in everything. And from

In you, in me, in everything. And from I a question, and it answered And why you think, what itself possess knowledge.

I had a confused look.

And last week I asked it Where there is God, Presence, Real he looked at me as on the patient, and I asked Well please, simply tell to me that you know.

Everywhere he answered.

In you, in me, in everything.

And from where it is known to you I asked .

You to me told, and I believed.

Well, but at some instant you passed from belief to knowledge.

How it turned out How you made it By means of meditation, especially that.

What Chariot, protection, velocity of light.

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We in it – as a cancer

We in it – as a cancer This little, insignificant man has a representation that it is urged to submit, change and break all nature as though knows, what barks, though each time finds itself absolutely ignorant, spoilin spoiling everything.

there is at us such feeling.

It is given us in order that we refused it and under the law otritsaa denial niya came to understanding of that only we are neintea gralny part of the nature.

We in it – as a cancer tumor which eats itself and all organism.

So we treat to each other and everything okruto the zhayushchy – to a uniform organism of the nature.

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First, having

First, having Be attentive when opening and closing doors.

Children often place fingers under doors, hold jambs.

During this moment it is possible to pinch not simply fingers of the child, but also strongly to injure them.

When the child starts to rise independently, his hands intensively look for means of a support.

Be attentive, clean subjects, having undertaken for which child can fall not simply, but also overturn them on itself.

First, having risen to the feet, the kid cannot fall by a floor voluntarily.

It very much afflicts kids.

If the child it is long costs, he starts to cry because cannot independently fall.

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Narawill Bad science, gloomyomen.

The shape of the world changed.

Any more force of muscles you works, force of muscles defends from the enemy, notpulls out at the earth, the woods and exhausting sovereignty, blagosostoyascientific research institute, safety.

The enslaved slave the car! Musku forfeited the exclusive rights and the price.

Thatbigger honor to mind and knowledge.

closet, modest cell of the thinkerexpanded in halls of research institutes.

Narawill melt floors of libraries, regiments bend under weight of books.

Shrines of proud reason were filled with people.

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