The teacher

The teacherInterdependence between the parent and the child,interpenetration of their lives, penetrationthe child in consciousness of parents, their feeling and function the child instinctively studies all this and repeats.

MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONSuzuki believed that hearing should become everydayhabit.

However to force the child to listenmusic does not follow, it should do it, beingit is occupied with something another.

The teacher warned thatchildren are not tired of music hearing as it is characteristicfor adults.

The small child likes to listenfamiliar sounds, and if he hears grumbleparents concerning the bothered music, his enthusiasmcan run low.

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The nature

The nature As a result boys consider that their superiority can be defended in a bed with girls.

They start to compete in size of a genital and quantity of times of an ejaculation.

The nature so suited a man's organism when to the man is what to transfer to the children, he is ready to highgrade paternity.

In other words, if the man already achieved something in realization and feels rather competent and able to adjust the main spheres of life support of a family, it becomes capable to paternity.

It shows such qualities, as responsibility, feeling of guardianship and support.

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To be parents

To be parentsTo be parents all the time means to studythem to be.



Serzmuch and young mothers read them to not all.

It is easy to fill this gap if to awakenat parents desire to follow reasonable councils,which for certain will benefit also to adults,and to children.

Practice for the giftedPavel TyulenevWhether your child will be talentedalso it is clever, depends on that, correctlywhether you chose a bed, diapers,rattles and other everything thatwill be round the baby during the period fromAbout till years, what toys till yearsyou will give it.

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When within

When within When within three Vanya starts to put and read quickly the eaten pears, and also cones and chestnuts which it felt with the stuck eyes, I set to it a task In the wood grew three birches, one of them cut.

How many birches remained In its representation, apparently, there is a picturesque picture of the wood, birches how many time we saw all this on slides! He imagines woodcutters, axes and saws and, being not in condition to concentrate the attention on quantity of birches and on need of work of arithmetic action, answers me that birches there was that five, three, one.

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Next day leave

Next day leave Again start to talk to the kid.

Do not remain in a room it is long.

Stay with the child no more than two minutes.

If crying proceeds, do a minute interval between entries into a room until the kid will not fall asleep.

Next day leave the kid to cry for minutes, before entering into his room for the first time.


Gradually increase time of the stay out of a room.

We understand, what is complex challenge to leave the kid to cry within minutes in the first night.

Try to think that schooling of the child to an independent zasypaniye considerably will facilitate further your life.

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But let your

But let your And if it has to most empty a broom pencils from under a sofa, that, having done it several times, it will cease to push them there to what to test such tortures What it, enemy to itself We should demand resolutely sometimes from the child discipline and diligence, it is possible even to shout at it.

Sometimes it and in the business needs some shakeup which would deduce it from catalepsy, forced to start, gather.

But let your flash will be only well played performance.

Do not afford, having lost patience, to bring down on the kid irritation from the own powerlessness.

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