When egoism

When egoism Let's call it spiritual.

It is the mankind future in which everything being at terrestrial level, is basis for that superstructure which we should create.

When egoism will grow to the maximum level and we completely realize it, we will move the thoughts and feelings in this superstructure and in general we will cease to feel our existence at terrestrial level.

It buis put to vanish as though from our feelings.

Mine I will exist only in a spiritual superstructure, and only I will associate myself with this layer.

INTEGRATED PERCEPTION of INFORMATION The person – Wednesday Superproperty of collective Not herd instinct, and new body of perception Individualistic feelings are distorted The world – interface of contrasts In total in us, outside there is nothing A world picture – a mirror of personal imperfection I and the others we turn in We In the correct society punishments are not necessary How to cure a mass depression Sanctity model A joke – paradoxical manifestation of integration we speak about perception of reality, I not so understand, about what there is a speech, there are many questions.

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We itwe solve

We itwe solve It is easy to distract attentionthe naive child to deceive, conceal from it.

He thinks that life is simple and easy.

There is a father, ismother; the father earns, mother buys.

The child does not knowneither changes to a duty, nor receptions of fight of adults for theand not the.

Free from material cares, from temptations and fromstrong shocks, he cannot judge them.

We itwe solve instantly, we pierce through negligentlook, without preliminary investigation we open not uklyuzhy cunnings.

And perhaps, we are deceived, seeing in the child onlywhat we want to seePerhaps, he hides from us, perhaps secretlysuffersWe devastate mountains, we cut down trees, we exterminatewild animals.

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Sitting a nadivanchik

Sitting a nadivanchik Their flight cancelled, and they had to spend days in our city.

They wanted to come to us and to hand over a gift which bought for us on Hawaii.

Sitting a nadivanchik in a drawing room, we with the husband unpacked a small bag.

Kaye and Tom looked at us waiting for reaction.

At last Brian developed the last leaf of packing paper, and it in hands had a beautiful crystal figure with a delfinenok.

During rest on Hawaii we often swam side by side with dolphins.

For some reason during these moments we remembered you explained Kaye.

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Also started

Also started The majority of people prefer to explain instead of feelin hearin seeing and comprehending.

I sincerely wanted to help to recover to people physically and sincerely, but many simply were afraid and preferred to hide from the pain.

And with it they were helped by rational justifications of problems.

So, I learned to argue rationally.

Also started to meet expectations of people around.

If before I was reputed as the sensitive and tender guy, but at the same time the clumsy and rather stupid blunderer, now turned into the accurate and cold and judicious pupil.

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The child should

The child should To create sacred space for such communication, simply sincerely allow the child to impart experience without risk to be to the subjected condemnation, criticism or sneers.

The child should have any shelter where nobody denies reality of its ekstrasensorny experiences.

Malyshdolzhen to feel, chtoky to stories are respectful and vividly in them are interested.

Certainly, it would be useful, if you could assure the kid that you or your acquaintances too endured something similar.

And if you are sincerely sure that ekstrasensorny feelings are normal and natural, it promotes creation of the favorable environment for development of potential of the child even more.

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Let's experiment

Let's experiment But newborns cannotto behave whimsically, they simply contactin the unique way for them.

Child,which crying do not notice, it is not becomes betterthough it can be silent; it loses desireto show an initiative and gets used to whatyou would not like at all reconciles to that itdo not understand.

It is easy to person to advise to the stranger not to turnattention to the crying child.

If onlysuch adviser does not possess hypersensibility,his own health will not suffer.

Let's experiment a little.

Crying of the kid literally irritates.

Ifto a breast of feeding mother to attach sensors forbloodgroove measurements, we will see the following began to crythe kid and a bloodgroove in a breast of mother amplified, itTechnique of house education of William and Martha Serz feels insuperable desire to take the child onhands and to calm him.

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