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DictionaryKomissura. AccordingExercise Language accepts various forms it is turned off in a tubule, takes the form of a tray lateral walls and a language tip rise or sails, the mouth is open, language concerns the top sky as it is possible further from a foreteeth.


According to modern representations, the organization of mezhpolusharny interaction in development of the child occurs parallel to maturing of the structures providing interaction of hemispheres of a brain.

These structures represent the nerves, connecting various sites of hemispheres among themselves.

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Now Sarkis

Now Sarkis With what incredible efforts we extracted each sound! And the most sad was that extracted with such work and as if well acquired could one fine day to disappear goodness knows where and all it was necessary to make a fresh start.

Now Sarkis not simply looks in the book, listening to my explanations and driving finger according to the picture.

He sees such details, which I and itself sometimes I do not notice.

The fox on the picture sits so that the foot of her paw is turned to to the viewer.

Palm! Sarkis speaks, having caught similarity of a foot and a palm.

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Praise the child

Praise the child React quickly.

When the child does unlawful, immediately and strictly tell to it No.

If the child repeats again action, once again forbid an act and withdraw it in other place.

Praise the child for good behavior.

In case constantly to direct attention of the kid to negative actions, he will repeat purposely them for attraction of your attention.

Try to form a positive spirit in behavior of the kid.

Creating the favorable atmosphere of the house, you reduce desire of the child to be in opposition.

nd WEEK Freezing injuries What is such.

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To deserve

To deserve The child will inevitably address for the helpto the adult, having naturally recognizedits intellectual and physical superiority.

Suchthe natural trust to seniors is the bestreplacement of passive obedience and fear before force.

To deserve trust of the child, it is important from the firstindependent steps to inspire it one simpletruth You are free! Do how you consider nuzhInstead of the conclusion ny.

I trust you.

Only having felt the ownfreedom and independence, the child will learn to appreciateand to recognize freedom of people around.

Certainly, it does not abolish possibility accuratelyto follow installations of these or those classicaltechniques of education which today it is enoughit is a lot of to choose the optimum.

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SomeoneconsidersHowever, the new approach at all did not lower the debatableheat concerning efficiency of the similareducational systems.

The matter is that there is a settechniques of early development of the child and all of themthe very different.

Authors of one assure that trainingreading can begin with the birth, others callnot to hurry up before receipt in school.

Someoneconsiders priority physical development, who that intellectual or emotional.

Exceptthat, some sceptics express opinion thatit simply a fashion and coercion to excessive expensesthose parents who wish to give to the childgood education and worthy start in the future.

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It is known

It is known It is known that not only children, but also teenagers, adults can change the sound on imitation structure of words towels instead of a towel, instead of a jacket, instead of grew thin, etc.

; it is wrong to put accents in words understood instead of understood, let's phone instead of we will phone, etc.

; to confuse similar words on sounding for example, genealogy and gynecology, autism and atheism and so forth; to use the wrong forms words instead of go to live instead of to put etc.

However adults can treat consciously the speech and correct mistakes.

At kids assimilation of speech standards occurs spontaneously, unconsciously, therefore there is a danger of assimilation of the wrong option of speech, which with by time it is fixed.

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