They look

They look They same as we, simply their eyes are open more widely.

Windows of their souls are washed purely up, and curtains are always drawn aside they see the world such what it is instead of with what we drew it.

And these kids came to approve such vision of the world.

They look at adults and ask Why you do not see what we see After all everything is absolutely clear.

And this question gives us great possibility possibility to open an eye and to see that is.

From this point everything will change in the beginning in our life, and then around the world.

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It was necessary

It was necessary The majority of badly advanced children of with whom I had to communicate, did not complain of poor mind or weak memory.

Simply they were overflowed by a stream of an ekstrasensorny broadcasting from schoolmates, teachers and relatives.

As a result it was not possible to them to concentrate on a task of the teacher.

It was necessary to them to learn to be earthed to delete superfluous energy, to distinguish own thoughts and feelings from strangers and accurately to define the spiritual space as progress sharply increased.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON I in the childhood of it did not know and consequently in elementary grades studied worse than ever.

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We will

We will All these details can be beaten.

We will go also on a visit to a heron, updown, updown, rightleft, rightleft, darkly, we will switch on light and let's call in a hand bell.

Crossing two fingers of the right hand, we walk on steps, the left hand we include on a ladder an electricity.

In the house of a crane a table with an entertainment, the coil with water and, at last, crane on a bed with three pillows under the head.

At a headboard a candle, on chair clothes, long legs are not located on a bed and stick out from under blankets.

Here it is not required any special explanations, everything recognizabl.

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We went to kindergarten. There

We went to kindergarten. There What successes at you at school To that do you study On November , Hi, Vasya! The father, and I writes to you, Grisha, I dictate.

We went to kindergarten.

There there was Christmas.

Father Frost there came and to us presented gifts candies.

And still we were at a dacha.

There was too a New year.

To us came guests the aunt Natasha with Dasha.

They to us presented spheres.

To us still came uncle Sascha.

They are our neighbors.

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In hard

In hard Call the doctor.

If the animal bit the kid, call the doctor.

The child can need introduction of antitetanic serum.

Deep lacerations demand surgical processing.

The saliva and a mouth of an animal contain a large quantity of pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore stings of animals badly begin to live.

In hard cases carrying out a course of antibacterial therapy is necessary.

In more mild cases there can be enough application of the gel containing an antibacterial preparation.

Very important after a sting to establish the owner of an animal and to find out, when to an animal carried out vaccination against rage and what other inoculations were made.

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And they

And they These are basic provisions of integrated society.

I think that chelovethe chestvo will understand them.

– whether there is a sense to use in children's group the practices which are available in materialistic psychology – At the heart of our approach to the world, naturally, the materialistic psychology lies.

Only we do not take its canons as something immutable and svyashchenaching.

And when we start to be engaged in integrated education in our groups, we see that we have the new laws, the new communications, new rules.

And they too change, for us change.

Studying them, we start to develop gradually the new charter of behavior of the person in integrated society, after all we in it appeared necessarily and we do not know its laws, rules.

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