These games

These games Informal conversation will promote your rapprochement and further will help to solve the adult problems arising at the child.

Great opportunities for esthetic development conceal in themselves games loved by children with sand and other natural materials.

These games can become means of moral education of children, their unity for performance of the general plan constructions of the house, the tunnel, the road.

The role of the adult consists in helping children to do constructions stron beautiful to encourage commitment of efforts.

From to years At this age the majority of children already visit kindergarten and prepare for the school period.

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For example, while

For example, whileTyulenev offered system of recommendations and exercisesfor development of the child from the earliest age, MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONliterally since the birth.

For example, while kid stilldid not learn to move and even to operate with hands,over its bed place cards with protozoafigures.

It also becomes at all for this purpose,to teach the child to geometry bases, simplyto examine patterns, pictures to the kid it is still difficultalso it is uninterestin but he with pleasure travelseyes on simple lines, learns to directlook to the necessary point and to pass from one elementimages to another.

Thus, onTo Tyulenev, the brain actively works and begins graduallyto prepare for other, more difficult typesactivity.

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I often should

I often should However the child should feel always that space in which grows.

In process of its growth and development it is space should increase gradually.

So, right at the beginning it should be limited to a bed.

Then room of parents.

In other places he should feel that parents not at itselfhimself therefore cannot give it a free hand.

I often should help the parents which children cannot find the space.

Ordinary these parents allowed the child to take and destroy everything that he wanted.

Hysterics only became frequent, and the nervous system of the kid became loose.

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Any toy expands

Any toy expands If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist.


Many boys with the great pleasure cook soup and lay on a table, and girls are engaged with machines and the designer.

Any toy expands idea of the kid of the world surrounding it.

How to cope with inconstancy All children need constancy.

It is necessary to understand constancy of a daily routine, constancy of people which surround the child, constancy of a surrounding situation as it.

All this allows the child to feel protected.

Nevertheless the world which is out of house walls, it is impossible to lay in the habitual schedule.

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There is no such

There is no such Still at those people which are compelled to carry constantly with itself the child, adhering it a scarf or attaching a skirt, it is considered reprehensible if the kid makes the affairs in the religature.

Mothers listen and feel the kid therefore at the first signals land.

That is hold on hands, helping it to pee or release intestines.

There is no such washin as in our many families.

The child always warns and even cries, demanding the help.

Pampers are not the best invention of mankind.

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