But let your

But let your And if it has to most empty a broom pencils from under a sofa, that, having done it several times, it will cease to push them there to what to test such tortures What it, enemy to itself We should demand resolutely sometimes from the child discipline and diligence, it is possible even to shout at it.

Sometimes it and in the business needs some shakeup which would deduce it from catalepsy, forced to start, gather.

But let your flash will be only well played performance.

Do not afford, having lost patience, to bring down on the kid irritation from the own powerlessness.

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People of this

People of thisIf human life is in disharmony, the owner of yellow aura becomesskeptical and critical, stubborn, the egoist, the cynic, shows inability to supervise the feelings, ignorance, intolerance, laziness, grief.

Green auraPreferenceFans of the dark green are stubborn and persevering.

In a combination to gold is a color of bankers.

People of this color create all earthly blessings, provide to itself material stability, they are solid, respectable.

Love rest and the nature.

They are reserved.

Persistence their time suppresses energy of others and very often leads to a split personality of those people who communicates with them.

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Any rebuses

Any rebuses Rummage on book bazaars at bibliopoles it is possible to find the old editions illustrated quite in realistic spirit.

Any rebuses artists with pleasure drew simple and clear things cat so cat, mouse so mouse.


Zakhoder, I.

Pivovarova's verses, books V.

Suteeva, well and, of course, Muchatsokotukha, Barmaley and Moydodyr will add your library and soon enough it will be necessary for you.

From the first steps of work on the book you should involve the child to active participation in it.

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DifferentEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON Certainly, between playing there are also misunderstandin but they mainly have informative character.

Different level of knowledge and ideas of duties, actions and acts of characters gives rise sometimes to disputes.

Aspiration someone from playing to show the big awareness in any question causes objections and even offenses So does not happen, And I know in a different way.

The reason of misunderstanding can be and distinction in characters, temperaments of children one too sluggish, another, on the contrary, very hasty, one irresolute, another courageous.

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Between episodes

Between episodes The disease twice arises at boys, than at girls more often.

Symptoms of an invaginatsiya of intestines following unexpectedly arisen sharp bellyaches; knees of the child are pressed to a thorax;AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED the child shouts from pain; vomiting; block; a chair in the form of crimson jelly the blood mixed with slime; stomach muscles are strained; in the top right department of a stomach it is possible to probe consolidation of an oblong form.

Between episodes of sharp skhvatkoobrazny pain children feel sense of relief.

Immediately call the doctor.

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