Red, yellow, orange

Red, yellow, orange Game course The teacher spreads leaflets on a table, reminds children about autumn.

Present that now autumn.

Red, yellow, orange leaves fall from trees.

The wind blew scattered all leaves on the ground! Let's make wind we will blow on leaves! The adult together with children blows on leaves while all leaflets will not appear on to floor.

Thus it is necessary to watch correctness of implementation oral exhalation, and also behind that children did not overtire.

All leaves on the earth.

Let's collect leaflets in a bucket.

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Zaytsev's grants

Zaytsev's grants Haresin an available form tells, fractions from where undertookand degree also that can do with them.

This techniqueit is calculated on children of years, but it it is also possibleto use and for pupils of elementary school.

Zaytsev's grants suit all children fastand slow, weak and strong.

In thekindergartens of Hares prefers to take in groupthe weakest children, and they very quickly catch upmain stream.

In it, in principle, also should consistessence of all developing techniques.

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It will help

It will help Now, when the main contents is known to it, it is possible to enter gradually the passed episodes, paying attention of the kid to all new and new details.

What fine house! New roof! New pipe! Around flowers! And what it was earlier and you come back by the beginning and compare two pictures.

It is necessary to compare constantly.

It will help the child to establish connection between separate episodes.

For your child the dirty girl, rolling on the broken bed in a shabby izba at the beginning of a narration, and the accurate small hostess put things in order and living in the cozy lodge at the end of the fairy tale it is two absolutely different girls.

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He started

He started The kid starts to look for the fallen subject or the toy hidden under a blanket.

Speech development.

That I hear that I tell To the surprise, you began to notice that the child ceased to say strange sounds.

He started to say syllables.

The child repeats that hears round itself.

If you regularly talk to the child not only on native, but also in a foreign language, he will start to repeat and syllables of foreign words.

The kid becomes dexterous The child with ease copes with two subjects.

It dexterously shifts them from a hand in a hand, puts in the place necessary to it.

It uses hands for manipulations with subjects or toys.

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Knowing color

Knowing color Those who sees aura, know that there is the color beam sent directly to the top of the person.

This beam connects the highest I with a physical body.

Knowing color of a beam of the child, it is possible to help for it to concentrate.

For this purpose the child can try to imagine the magic color and to surround itself mentally it with an aura, to wear clothes of this color, to include a color lamp in a room, to put on color points, to write ink of this color or to read through a color plastic optical filter.

Quite often this color is favourite color of the child.

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