Function of a milk

Function of a milkFunction of a milk teeth is not limited to chewing.

DEVELOPMENT STAGESth WEEKPhysical development surely costs, has one foot before another Sense organs and reflexes can scrape on a toy one finger Intellectual development understands simple instructions negatively swings the head if it is not agrees with something studies a subject from all directions, feels tridimentionality of space Social development I do not like to be in limited space WEEKPhysical development independently rises, catching at support subjects freely sits in a stoolSense organs and reflexes taking big subjects, both hands use a beret in each hand in a subject also Intellectual development manipulates them can remember game in which played previous days learns the nameSocial development wants to play near parents repeats games protests, if select any subject independently eats some types of foodI WEEKPhysical development creeps, holding in one hand a subject turns the head during crawling Sense organs and reflexes knocks before itself subjectsIntellectual development removes the suspended subjectsSocial development chooses the pleasant toy simulates sounds, such, as cough and a sneezing drinks from a cup and plays itI WEEKPhysical development holding hands a support, can make some steps can go, if the adult holds Sense organs and reflexes by hands takes small subjects by means of big and index fingers Intellectual development at repetition of the same action starts to miss has idea of vertical space Social development starts to estimate mood of surrounding people I WEEKPhysical development clambers, rises up can creep up on a ladderSense organs and reflexes clapsIntellectual development can carry out the elementary instructions starts to be afraid of heightSocial development learns to stand for itself draws attention of people around, repeats actions which caused approval or laughter I HEflETlflage of the child AS THE CHILD MATUREDFOR the th WEEKMass of a body of the child of kg of length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIESFOR ITSafety of the child during holidays Christmas, Hanukkah or New year this remarkable time of opening and magic expectation for you and the kid.


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