Well right

Well right Game course Before beginning game, it is necessary to specify representations children about that such sauerkraut as well as from what it prepare.

Well right there to show to children sauerkraut, let's try.

Who loves sauerkraut It very tasty and useful.

Now we let's cook sauerkraut I will tell a rhyme and to show movements, and you repeat for me! We cut cabbage, we cut! hands are bent in elbows, a palm by shovel, movements before themselves up and down if left hand above, right below We salt cabbage, we salt! hands are bent in elbows directly before themselves, fingers bi index and average we collect in , we move with fingers, as if we salt We cabbage rub, we rub! hands before themselves, are bent in elbows, fingers we put in fist, we rub cams the friend about the friend We cabbage , ! hands before themselves, are bent in elbows, serially that we place fingers in the parties, we collect in a fist Here what we are good fellows prepared a kapustka! Flower Purpose development of imitation movements of hands of the adult; development understanding speeches.


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